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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Baxter (dad), Tommy (blue harness) and Chucki all crashed out

Hope everybody had a merry Christmas and that the coming year will be a joyous one. I'm waiting impatiently for spring already. The kids are back in school. They all did great on their report cards and Britt made highest honors again, 3-100's on her report card! Lex was home for the whole vacation and it went pretty well till the last few days. She can only keep it together for so long, but the amount of time she can keep it together is getting longer, so the therapy and meds are doing some good.

The boys are getting even bigger. The think that they're cats or something, they love getting into my yarn. I was working on hubby's sock, left the room to do something, came back and they had it and the yarn all over the room, ughh. Here are his finished socks. He picked out the yarn, Mega Boots Stretch and the pattern is Gentleman Socks from Designedly Kirsti. I loved the pattern and the yarn. I have a few more of her patterns to do. They are all well written and I would buy from her anytime.


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