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Monday, August 27, 2007

I finished my Jaywalkers. I love the Cherry Tree Hill supersock, it was so nice to knit with, I'll definitely be making more socks with it in the future. I also made a pair of socks for my little boy with contrasting colors for the heels, toes and cuff. They were my first toe up socks, they aren't perfect, but they could have been worse, and he loves them, which is what matters :-) I'm having problems with using the camera with this computer, will post pics when I can.

Hubby and I went to our lys and he picked out some yarn for me to make him socks. It is Mega Boots Stretch. I have about 2 inches to do on the leg of the first one. I am not sure he is going to like these knit up, so my mom may end up with them. I love the way the colors change. I'm thinking he may not like the colors "in real life." My mom's feet are almost as big as his, so I can just make the foot shorter if he doesn't like them. I want to get the heel done before I show him. I've been working on them while he's at work.

Ready to start the 2nd sock of my 2nd pair of BBS. I'm doing this pair in 2.2 rib for 4", then plain stockinette for the rest.

The puppies are growing so fast. They are little wild men right now. I can't leave them alone in a room or they have everything they can get to pulled down. They got hubby's sock I am working on the other day, pulled it off the coffee table and pulled one half of the circ out, I was so upset. They pull the cushions off the couch and chew on whatever they can find. Grace and Baxter keep taking their toys. Tommy sounds like the tazmanian devil the way he growls when they are playing, you'd think they were killing each other. And they love to lick, no dirty faces in our house


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