Yarn, Kids and Horses

Just writings about life as a mom, including my 18 year old daughter who is bipolar; our horses and my love of all things yarn and knitting, especially socks!

Friday, May 09, 2008

I've been making chemo caps. (have socks going too of course) LOL
The past month has been crap with Lex. I should be used to her highs and lows and her sometimes outrageous behavior and I am, as much as I can be, I think. But I just don't get why she doesn't think. Whatever sounds good at the moment she does, no though to the consequences. I know that is part of the bipolar, but she can think when she wants to. I have pure white hair coming in now, ughh. I think my nerves are shot. I cringe when the phone rings and it is her school or her worker calling. In the past 6 weeks she has been suspended from day treatment, cut, got caught doing something she definitely knows better than to do, got caught doing something else she shouldn't have, and I got a call that she was being taken to the hospital by ambulance 2 weeks ago. My heart stopped for a minute. Thankfully she's ok! She got into something she shouldn't have and got scared when she got so, so sick. I pray every day for her and for strength for the rest of us. She really is a good kid, with a good, caring heart. All of this just takes so much out the other kids and me and dh.